Paintball is a perfect team building game for corporations that aim to improve the synergy between their staff. Nothing stimulates the team spirit like paintball. A day with us will break down the barriers; get your staff talking to each other and above all co-operating and communicating.

Consider a corporate meeting before you start the games.

Help break the ice between your corporate team by booking them a game of paintball– you’ll be amazed at the results.

Who’s The Boss?!

The heart of your business should not be neglected, get to know your employees and more importantly let them get to know you. Treat them to a day with us. Give them an opportunity to zap the boss, they will love you for it. Call us to see how little it would cost.

Corporate Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment need not cost a fortune. Our experience is that if you spend a little but spend it wisely at The Jordan Paintball Club, you can give your customers and employees a day that they will thank you for and remember for along time.

Our staff will always be available to help you organise the day’s activities