• Do not tamper with your gun before entering the play area.
    • Never take your goggles off in any play area for any reason.
    • Always cap your barrel with the supplied barrel plug before you leave the play area, and always ask the referee’s permission before you exit the playing area.
    • Do not shoot your paint gun at a player standing at a distance of 10 meters or less from you.
    • Do not shoot over the boundaries.
    • While in the playing field, if you must clean your goggles, do not remove them. Wipe the outside off with your gloves, shirt sleeve, a handkerchief or clean soft rag. Never lift the mask and wipe the inside. If they can’t be wiped and/or your vision is impaired, then call for a referee to help you clean them or to help you leave the field of play.
    • You are responsible for the paint guns, masks and other equipment you are renting – they are very expensive!
    • Keep dirt and earth off your gun, or it will jam. If you are a crawler, do it using your elbows, not the gun.
    • You are marked when you are hit by a paintball which breaks on your body, your foot or your gun.
    • Once you’ve been marked, or want to surrender, put your barrel plug in, hold your paint gun above your head, yell “hit”. Leave your goggles on!
    • Do not use paintballs found on the ground. Dirt
    • And grit on them will damage the internal barrel surface of the paint guns and they will cause your gun to jam.
    • The games start and end with air horns. 3 blasts signify the end of the game. Stop playing, put the barrel plug and proceed towards the gate. The game is paused when the referee blows a whistle once, two whistles signify the resumption of play.
    • You must ask the referee’s permission before leaving the play area.
    • No rearranging the field in any way or building of barricades.
    • Only the referee can stop the game. However, a truce can be called by a player if there is an injury or someone’s goggles are off. During a truce, everyone must stop playing.
    • No one may deliberately shoot an eliminated or
    • Surrendered player, referee or spectator. If you do, you’re out of the game.
    • No player, having left the field of play, may re-enter without asking the referee’s permission first.
    • If you have a paintgun malfunction during play, please inform the referee.
    • If you have a temper, please leave it at home. You may not contact or grab a person in an aggressive Manner.
    • The maximum limit a player can shoot another player is 3 broken balls.
    • Blind shooting is not allowed. You cannot stick your paintgun around a corner, a rock, a tree and blindly shoot. Someone could be hit and hurt with a very close range shot. Before you shoot, you must have your face behind the paintgun, looking at your target.
    • If you are out of shape or get too hot, pace yourself. Take up a defensive position and rest. The action will come to you. The game can be more physically demanding than you are used to. If you have any heart conditions or other aliments, you should have your physician’s ok to play.

Please remember that you are here to have fun!