Outdoor Activities

The Mountain Breeze Resort offers a variety of outdoor activities that will put you and your kids in touch with nature.

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  • Do you feel the need of spending a night or two in the wilderness?
  • We have a well-equipped camping area with excellent facilities in our private wooded area.
  • We supply Canadian style tents that fit up to 4 persons including mattresses. Campers should bring their own sleeping bags, pillows and flash lights.
  • Camping area is served by its own toilets.
  • Campers are allowed to bring their own food and grills will be made available for their use.

Beach volleyball / Football

A 600 sq meter beach Volleyball/Football field is available where you and your friends can enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors. It can also be used as an open air area for team building functions.

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Budding Robin Hoods can now experience this exciting sport with the help of our qualified instructors, in a dedicated and safe area. Archery is the ultimate Zen sport. Feel one with nature!

We have recurve bows that fit anyone from 10 years old up to adults. Carbon fibre arrows and arm guards are also supplied.

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Children’s Activities

Your young children will definitely be kept busy at Mountain Breeze in a safe environment, we guarantee an unforgettable time for everyone!

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Paintball Target Shooting

Children below the age of 9 are not left out when it comes to paintball; we have a dedicated paintball shooting area where they can practice their aim until they become old enough to play.

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Hiking tours

Get acquainted with the interesting flora and fauna within the mountain breeze property. We believe in conservation and we have strived to maintain the existing variety of wild flora and fauna within our land. Several types of endangered wild flowers and plants thrive within our property, and some of Jordan’s most rare small animals also call Mountain Breeze their home! Our in-house guide can take you on a 1 hour walk to show you around, including our very own secret tree house, built on top of a living 400 year old oak tree! (pre-booking required)



Group cycling tours can be arranged to visit interesting sites near mountain breeze, please call to arrange your tour.



We are located just 12 km from our favourite fresh water fishing location in Jordan.

Tree planting- adopt a tree

To date, over 5200 wild trees have been planted at Mountain Breeze, if you have not been for a while, you’ll be amazed at how green the place has become. We’re still about 2000 trees short of our target, so if you’re interested in doing your bit to make Jordan greener, you can plant your own.

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